The Clinical Research facility at Royal Brompton Hospital have implemented stringent procedures to ensure that patients, research participants and staff remain safe.

  • Royal Brompton Hospital Fulham Wing - where your study visits take place - is a designated infection free zone.
  • On arrival, all patients complete a short questionnaire to confirm they have no symptoms suggestive of COVID 19 and have their temperature checked before entering. All patients and staff are required to sanitise their hands and wear a mask. 
  • Research staff wear the appropriate level of Personal Protective Equipment.
  • The equipment used for your visit is either single-use and individualised, or carefully cleaned and sterilised between uses as per updated strict hospital standards.
  • Clinic rooms are sanitised before each patient’s use.
  • We have minimised the need for “aerosol generating procedures” – these are procedures measuring lung function and breath flow or otherwise promoting dispersal of droplets from the nose or lungs. Where such procedures are required, we follow strict infection control protocols.